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Have you ever seen the small bells hanging on peoples bikes? It is not just another decoration, it has a very specific purpose. It's purpose is to ward off evil road spirits. These evil spirits live on your scooter given the chance. They enjoy wreaking havoc when you ride. They love creating problems such as... Your electrical system won't work, your battery won't charge, your bike won't start or a multitude of other problems. These evil road spirits can't stand the noise a bell makes when it rings, therefore they get confused and fall off your scooter. That, my friend, is how holes form in our roads and highways. The Spirit Bell has double the magic if you give one to a friend. Every time they hear it ringing or see it on their scooter, they will think of you, their good friend! It will make that person feel good to know you were thinking of them. The gift of the Spirit Bell is a good way to show you care. A good maintenance schedule and the Spirit Bell will keep these evil spirits from messing with your ride!

Hey! Tired of losing your pewter guardian bells? Stop attaching it to your motorcycle with a piece of leather or a cable tie.
Our stainless steel Bell Keeper attaches to a bolt on your frame or your footpeg of your motorcycle so your bell is completely secure.
Some variations of the motorcycle bell legend also suggest that pewter Guardian Bells should be mounted as low on the motorcycle as possible. You can't get much lower than this!

Keep your pewter guardian bells securely attached to your motorcycle with a Bell Keeper
Keep your pewter guardian bells
securely attached to your motorcycle
with a Bell Keeper.


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