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Why buy custom patches from us?
Free custom patch quotes.
Free expert help designing your patches.
Online since 1999.
Free shipping in USA.
100% Money back guarantee.

We see a lot of websites selling Custom motorcycle club patches on the internet these days. They write all this software so you can click endless buttons and type a bunch of stuff trying to place some kind of order.
Are they just too busy to bother talking to you because you just want one little patch?
We don't do it that way!
We know that you might need some help.
Designing a custom motorcycle club patch can be a tough job sometimes.
So why not make it easy on yourself?
Just pick up the phone and call our experts at 575-824-4479 for a free price quote. We always have the time to help you design your patch.
Whether you want 1000......
or you want just one.
Give us a call.

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